New Hope offers a variety of youth programs throughout the school year from September through May. Each ministry is customized to meet the needs of different age groups. We have three groups: Gophers, Olympians, and Students.
For weekly meeting times, call the office at 802.754.9600 or email us at 


Age Group: For Pre-School and Kindergarten Ages
Available at What Campuses: Irasburg Only
The Gophers program is designed to introduce young children to God and His Word. At Gophers, your child will enjoy engaging with peers while playing games and learning about God.


Age Group: For 1st-6th Grade Ages
Available at What Campuses: Irasburg and Brownington 
The Olympians program builds upon the basic principles taught to younger children in Gophers. Olympians, who are broken into three sub-groups (1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th) will still be having fun playing games, singing and engaging with each other, but the Bible lessons get more advanced. 


Age Group: For 7th-12th Grade Ages
Available at What Campuses: Irasburg Only
The Student program, known as NHSM (New Hope Student Ministries), is meant to engage with Jr. and Sr. High students in a way that helps them see the relevance of God’s Word, the importance of applying it to everyday life and the value of having a life-defining relationship with Jesus. 


Zeke Lemay, Director of Youth Ministries
Phone: 802.323.6291 | Email:
 If you have questions about any of our youth ministries, feel free to contact Zeke Lemay, our Director of Youth Ministries, for more information.